Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missing in Action

19 1/2 incher

4 1/2 pound, 18 incher

19 incher
 I didn't catch the big one on any of these outings.  Like most fisherman, I walk away wondering what I did wrong, or should I have fished differently.  After all, sometimes, and in each of these cases, I am actually using the same type of presentation.  A good bass, (which to me is any bass over 16 inches) will not be caught every outing, but some how I feel disappointed when I don't get a "good" one. I know that catching a good one every outing is unrealistic, and maybe I should be thinking differently. I still do get the biggest thrill when a big one was caught when I am in the boat.  It just makes it worth the time. So, hopefully Basschronicles22 will post his stories soon and get his pics to Bass Pundit's bass blog for his biggest five in MN!

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