Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walleye Launch - Mil Lacs

Dad with a wally under 25"

Nice 27" incher biggest of the night!
My dad ended up catching the most walleye, and biggest of the trip.  I caught a 25 1/4, for my big fish, which I was happy with too.  Dad brought home some eaters, that others didn't want to take home.  It was my first experience on a launch, and I must say it was nice.  Eddy's did a nice job.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost went home, and then...


Okay, so I only managed 4 small fish fishing a carolina rig in the float tube.  I was ready to go home, and I told myself that I should leave before trying the spot that I caught the 19" last time.  So, I switch it up for some shallow casting.  I caught four fish in the same spot.  Boom 19", he swam out toward me, so I was thinking there must be more fish in there.  Another one, smacked it, 20 1/4. I think this was the biggest fish, and it had a strange warty tongue...  Next cast, big fish again, 20 1/2.   I finally had one miss, so I cast just to the left, and again 19 1/4.  These fish were stacked in one spot.  Man, am I glad I tried that spot before I left!  Catching those four great fish in about 15 minutes time made for a nice outing that would have otherwise went into the books as a slow afternoon.
Belly of 20 1/4"

Side view 20 1/4"

20 1/4 " Warty Tongue?

20 1/2 "

20 1/2 Bellyview

20 1/2 "

20 1/4 "

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wisconsin Bass (Nasty bass wound...)

Shaky Head Fish

Drop-shot Fish
 I had a nice time fishing some mid-lake structure with some spinning tackle, and I did throw a shaky head on a bait-caster too.  I was having a hard time adjusting to controlling the fish with lighter line, and lost a few giants to be honest.  Probably two that would have gone over five...  I really hammered them the first day on this spot.  The water temp. got to 80 degrees and things started to really slow.  I got really worried about the sore on the biggest fish I caught too.  If anyone knows, or has seen this, I don't think it is a good sign for this lake.  This lake has an abundance of bass in the 16" to 16 3/4 inch range, and they are usually really fat too!  I caught one that was 16 (no pic) that was bursting.  I looked into its mouth to see if I might find out why, and sure enough there was a big old crappie tail sticking out.  And, there are also some nice crappie in this lake, some of them seemed a little sickly though.  Not sure if it was the thick water, high temp. or something worse.  I really hope that the fish are okay, it is a great early summer lake!
Nice Crappie on a five-inch dinger!

Biggest fish of the weekend with a nasty sore.

Never seen anything this bad on a fish...