Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pig Move!

19" hunchback on Grass pig first cast

18 3/4 on Grass pig

Believer in the PIG

Still hitting the jerkbait...FAT!
Since this isn't a typical year.  I haven't been able to fish the way I did last year.  The weather, new baby, new job...the list goes on.  So, I took one out of someone else's book, and decided to finally give THE PIG a fair shake. The Grass Pig has been nailing them.  It holds up pretty well too to many fish attacking it too. I noticed that the fish wanted something moving.  Going to a local catch and release bass lake.  I caught two fish around 19" in my first seven casts.  I tried another lake  the next night and caught tons of fish shallow on the PIG.  Fun to fish.  Maybe I will finally get a 20" this year for the derby... I sure hope so.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pelican Lake Trip

Drew with a 2 1/2 plus pounder
So, the weather wasn't the best.  But Pelican lake will likely get another visit.  The bass were fat, and prespawn, which isn't what we were going for choosing this weekend in June far in advance of the late ice-out.  The ice had only been out for a couple of weeks.  We were on a reaction bite the majority of the time.  I had fun fishing a jerkbait some when it was calm enough, but mostly threw a spinnerbait. There was one night that we found a spot that the smallies were stacked on, and really hammered them.  Jeremy (Bass Chronicles)  caught over a 20 lb bag that night.  I caught 2 over 4 lb's too.   The conditions were just right.  But, the best part was, we looked at the map, found the spot, and caught fish.  I wish I could do that more often.  Other times, it was cold windy, and did not feel at all like June.  Water temps dropped many times, causing the fishing to slow, and the conditions were not favorable most of the time.  But, despite that there were quality fish caught!  I would say it was an upgrade from our Vermillion trips, even though we never cracked the 5 lb mark for big fish.  Next time....
19 1/2 or so, prespawner

19 1/2 Spinnerbait

Crankbait - 18 - 19+

Crankbait - 18 - 19+

Crankbait - 18 - 19+

Crankbait - 18 1/2

On FIRE with the Crankbait - 18 - 19+

Crankbait - 18 - 19

13 1/2 crappie

Huge crayfish

Dad with a 17 3/4 smallie

Jerkbait - Fat prespawner - 18 3/4

19 1/2 Fatty - Spinnerbait


Fun when the fish are biting!

Only 18 1/4 - but this was the thickest  I caught. - Spinnerbait

Bonus Jerkbait Crappies

18 1/2 - Spinnerbait

19", 4 lbs 10 ounces

Fattest of the trip, only 17 3/4 inches though - Spinnerbait
Biggie smallies

More Crankbait magic