Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lucky 13?

 A hoard of smallies moved in today.  My arm was actually getting tired...  I thought that I had a twenty incher on numerous times, with the plump piggies I was hauling in today.  Now that might seem a little silly, but the pictures I took, that was probably a third of the fish I caught!  I actually finished the afternoon on a streak.  I am not sure whether it was 12 or 13 consecutive fish on back to back casts.  During the streak, I believe only 2 fish were under 17", with one of the fish only going about 16". And, the streak started with four fish at 18" or better.  The largest fish was a little over 19".  Wow!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

MN Muddy Smallies


Chunky 18"

nice fish

I love going to the Mississippi this time of year.  The fish are getting ready to hunker down for the cold season, and it is pretty fun when they get hungry.  I caught around 10 fish today, and each of them felt like great fish.  My drag got a nice workout today, I didn't lose too many.  Even though I have had a lot better outings on the river, I still felt pretty good about these bronzebacks.   

nice one

 WIDE - 19"+

Monday, October 10, 2011

Two nice October bass in the float tube!

20 3/4 with the mouth closed.  Longest of the season for me!

19 incher

19" - big head

I got out during the rain tonight, and when it stopped, I caught a couple of tanks!  It was getting dark by the time I got back to the landing.  I'm decided to fish slow, although I didn't have any bites, and I was thinking I should have been throwing some type of frog on top.  I missed several fish, and I think I stuck them, so I never got a second chance.  I caught a pike inbetween the two bass.  The second bass was ripping out drag, and it actually spun me around in the float tube.  The head was gigantic!  I was hoping that it would go 21", but it would be short of that with the mouth closed.  It is hard to tell in the picture, but the tail actually starts to go up the side of the basket.  It was getting dark out, and it is tough to take great pics in the tube with my phone.  I wore my waders in the float tube this time, and it definitely takes a little more effort to paddle with the waders on.  With the two quality fish, it was worth the trip this time. : )

Long Bass - 20 3/4