Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Marine Bust

Jeremy's 18 1/8 inch, wide hunchback
Well, besides this bass, it was kind of a bust of a morning on the water.  Mostly because the trolling motor didn't work.  With a 4 mph wind we were able to fish tight, and get a few in the boat.  (15 in all)  Actually it was perfect weather, a little overcast for the first part of the morning and comfortable 60 degrees.  There must have been a tournament on the lake today too, and I don't think the bass boaters were on the fish anywhere this morning, judging by the way we were sharing water with folks.  I pulled one out of the cover, and a nice flat decker moved right in on us.  We had 5 fish that were all 15 1/2 to 15 3/4 inches, along with this kicker fish, would have given us short of 12 lbs for sure. But, I bet that would have faired alright today.  When I got home I changed the breaker and that did the trick for the trolling motor.

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