Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wisconsin Bass

On the Minnesota Bass Opener, I headed for Wisconsin with my brother Josh.  We stumbled across some nice shallow spots in a couple different lakes that put out a lot of fish.  Nothing too huge, but we put plenty of fish in the boat, still we couldn't get that big picture fish that we were hoping for, so we settled for these two.  I really love fishing shallow water.  You can see in the background that there is a nice spread of emergent vegetation that made for a nice bass playground.  The fish were done spawning, with the water temperature ranging from 60 to 69 degrees, and bass were just hanging out shallow, while there was a break in all the bad weather.  Always more fun to put fish in the boat with someone else to enjoy it with you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smallies and Largies

Spinnerbait - Thorne Brothers

So, I was fortunate enough this past weekend to get on some new water, the water temp were warming after the cooler weather, and I did eventually see water in the 60's.  I always seem to fall back into the strategy that worked best the last time I was on the water. Well, the conditions were different this time.  Sun, dirty water, cooler water temps...The plastic bite wasn't the same, and it was too dirty for the swim-bait, I think.  I don't usually share my lures of choice, but in this case I was proud that I found a pattern, and chose a bait that I thought matched the conditions.  I like to use a big blade on a spinner bait in muddy water, because it pushes a lot of water, the reaction bite was more appropriate with the wind, and pre-spawn conditions.  It was hot for a while!  I literally caught 3 fish in three casts once.  They are all chunky pre-spawners not over 16 3/4 inches, but fought hard. I ended up losing both of my spinnerbaits in this color on broken line.  (12 pound mono is not made for swinging 2 + lbers into the boat...I got a little over zealous)  Oh well, I went to Thorne Brothers today and picked up a few more.  The smallies liked it too!!!  I wish I could be on the water this week, as the temps will be calling more fish to move on up.

Sunday, May 6, 2012




Well, before I went back to my main strategy I was fishing a swim-bait in some water that obviously feeds some prime spawning ground.  With the water temp anywhere from 59 to 63 degrees, I was hoping to get some pre-spawn fish.  My third cast I thought I had a northern, or big walleye on when this plump bass emerged, probably on its way in to drop those eggs.  I thought that it was going to be much longer because of its size, but I would guess this fish come close to the 5 lb mark!  I caught three fish on the swim-bait, before I targeted shallower water.  It was a fabulous day on the water.  I caught at least 34 bass today, and there were only three little ones.  Most of the fish were between 15 1/2 to 17 1/4, with pictures of the two largest.  The day before we fished the lake, and I caught about 17 fish in a few hours.  It was my first time on this lake this weekend, and it definitely will not be the last.  The water temp went up from yesterday even though the the air temp was down on this overcast day.  It did clear up briefly towards the end of the outing, and that is when the fishing started to slow down.
Second biggest today...