Thursday, December 30, 2010

How big was this bass?

The weird thing about fishing, is we tend to catch the biggest fish when we are fishing alone.  This particular bass was caught by one Jeremy Thornton, by himself of course.  So, there is not really a good picture to make any good comparisons to other fish.  The buoy in the background is the larger variety.  This is the only photo of the fish.  I remember hearing this fish was over 22 inches long.  So, is this fish over 6 lbs?  It isn't really very fat, so I really would have a hard time saying, but it is the largest bass caught out of that boat in Minnesota, and there have been a load of 5 plus pounders caught out of it.  Anyone else to want to speculate?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vermillion Showdown!

The trash talk has already started. I can't refute it,  armed with a crankbait and spinning gear, this Shoreview native out-fished his counterparts in both size and numbers.  (Of course he was in my boat...)  This year, it is on. We didn't do well on walleye, caught plenty of smallies, and got into a few largies, but  if you have Vermillion advice, please let me know.
This 18 + inch smallie was the largest caught during our Lake Vermillion trip.