Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Trip to Texas...Forked!!!

Okay.  So, there is something really exciting when you are fishing on a lake that has had so many huge largemouth caught.  (The Texas state record, over 18 lbs!)  Every Spring the spawn is on, and it appeared that my brother in law and I were hitting the lake at the perfect time.  We checked the forums, (I seriously doubt some of the reports that were made)  the water temperature was rising into the 60's during the day,  (Wrong!!!)  If you fish in the midwest, you need to know, we are spoiled.  Because I fish in mostly WI and MN my expectations for catching bass, have risen to an unrealistic level.  So, when I go to Lake Fork and fish for Florida strain largemouth bass, and the weather turns them sour,  (I guess they are a fickle fish in comparison to their smaller northern cousins.)  I just about want to cry.  We fished for three days, and I think that I learned some things, but I left Fork dejected, again.  I will post some pics, but in the end the water temp dropped, it rained most of the day, the forecast was not accurate,  (it was colder) and the wind, limited the fishing opportunities at times, and the water is very low, and prevented us from fishing some areas.  Don't get me wrong, there were fish caught everyday. In the end, seven fish over 19 1/2 inches and up to 21 3/4 inches long.  It was fun to toss at timber, there was excitement heading into everyday.  There is something exciting about wondering if the next cast would be the one that gave up a ten pounder but, the big one eluded us again...