Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Bass fishing

18 1/2 Piggy

It was a nice night, as far as the weather goes.  I caught 5 or 6 bass with this 18 1/2 incher being the nicest.  It seemed the better the cast, the more likely I caught a fish.   I really, am interested in learning how to football jig deep water, sometimes fishing shallow can get repetitive, although dragging a fish out of thick cover is always a fun challenge.  When others are using the same strategy as me on the lake, I would much rather have another strategy that I had some confidence in.  I lost some fishing time tonight too, when I blew a trolling motor fuse, and the fuse got stuck in the plastic socket. I busted the blade on my micro- Leatherman trying to get it out.   I only have the 30 amp fuses, and I really need the 40's, but am not sure where to get them.   I need to do some boat repairs too, trailer roller, replace tail-lights, and put on a spare tire.  Yikes!

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