Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nice night for bass for me and others...

19 " drag puller
 So, I was about to write of the night, and curse the lake...then about 8:00 the fish wanted my bait.  So, I had caught a couple of short fish one on a frog and the other on my pumpkin colored plastic, I was just about ready to call it a night, when this 19 incher hit a twitching creature bait.  I thought I had a five plus on, based on the amount of drag it was pulling out.  I caught a 16 1/2 next cast, and it was a chunker too.  So,  I took my phone out of my Otterbox, and snapped some pics, and then I paddled back to the landing making another stop, where I caught this 20 1/4 inch maniac. Sometimes when they fight like that you just know it is a good one, even before they start pulling hard.   I had tightened my drag down a bit, and this fish was just in a frenzy going from side to side.  I was glad I kept the line tight, because he had loosened that hook up really good because of the fight.  I kept my line tight with my heavy 7' Gander Mountain rod, and 14 lb flourocarbon line sometimes heavy gear pays off.  I tried to take a pic of me and the fish, since it was the longest one for me this year so far. (Pretty tough to do in a float tube.)  I was feeling pretty good about the six fish I caught, as far as quality, then I talked to a guy at the landing that caught three 20" plus.  Oh well, guess that means I'll be going back!
Too big to fit!

20 1/4 inch sunset hog!

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