Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who says drop-shot can't catch hogs!

My Fish Cat ruler isn't long enough...
 I tried out another lake in the float tube, nice afternoon similar pattern to some of the other lakes, shade, weed edges.  The drop-shot was working, after catching a small bass and a nice pumpkin-seed sunfish, I landed this 20 incher from under a tree.  The fish went nuts! Out of the weeds, pull out drag, towards the tube, pull out drag, towards the tube pull out drag....great fight.  You can see that the fish was too long for the Fish cat table, so I got out my retractable ruler that I got from my grandfather.  It unfolds every six inches, nice little tool in this situation.  I tried to get a good pic with it, but this is the best I could do.  The other nice fish came in some nice green grass, and it fought like a champ too.  So, maybe I don't need to go to far to catch quality bass after all.  I caught about 10 bass in all, the only downer for the afternoon was some dude that drove right up by me and started fishing, if I was in a boat I would have left, but seriously, I am in a float tube give me a little space.
I got out my ruler... 20 inches!

You can see some belly...

This one went mid 18 inches.

Hiding in the grass...

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