Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fish Cat float tube!

16 incher

This was my first time trying out a float tube.  I caught four bass all on a frog, but not until around sunset, and all in about 10 minutes.  I missed several fish though, I think it must be tougher to set the hook in a tube, or maybe there is a technique or something.  I had a water temp of eighty-four degrees, and I really think that the milfoil keeps the temp lower than that, thats where the bass were of course.  I thought that I would eventually be able to use the tube on the river, but with all the flooding, I think it may be a while for that...This bass actually moved me around a little in the tube, it is tough to feel like you don't have control of the fish.  I was actually using a heavy seven foot rod, because I anticipated this.  That said, I can't wait to get a huge bronze-back on, and go for a ride down the river!

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