Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Float tube adventure...

Well,  I missed several bass today, and the bite was certainly slow.  The biggest news of the afternoon was missing a big tiger muskie.  I spotted a classic shady deep spot that had some overhanging branches, the second I cast, I knew I had something big on by the way my line was moving, and the sound of my line tightening  I set the hook and it popped!  When 14 lb flourocarbon breaks on a big fish it sounds like a gun shot!  I caught a 30 incher last year on this lake, but this must have been a tank...bummer I even decided to use a 5/0 hook Owner hook, because I was thinking I might hook into one of these toothy critters.  The biggest bass over 16 inches, and I think I caught five.

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