Monday, July 25, 2011

Fish on! (Carrot Stix)

18 1/4  drag pulling beast

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 So, once again mid-summer I gave into the drop shot.  It always seems to produce fish, and fortunately today it didn't let me down, I caught 8, with some decent fish.  I had to find the deep green milfoil today,  I caught 3 on one spot, making me think that maybe the fish haven't quite schooled yet, but I they may have, and I just didn't have the benefit of throwing fish in the live-well, to not spook the other fish away.  I didn't catch any fish shallow today, but that is pretty typical for this lake.  I wasn't used to the spinning set-up, but I felt in total control of the fish thanks to the Carrot Stix.  It was able to tame some drag pulling bass, and when you catch them deep it is pretty entertaining to have them spin the Fish cat in circles!    Fun day on the water.
17 or so, but ripped out drag

nice 16'

Fish on, or maybe stuck in the milfoil?

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