Monday, June 25, 2012

Got a good one tonight!

I only got three fish tonight in the float tube, but I got another good one.  The most gratifying part about the night, was I had a spot in mind that I was going to, and the first cast at that spot this big girl grabbed it.  She jumped out of the water twice, and then buried herself in the milfoil.  I got a lot of pictures with her to help show her size.  This was the biggest MN bass that I have caught!  I got my PR for MN just this month too.  The milfoil is really taking over this time of year, and I am still learning to fish it.  I was worried I lost the fish when she buried herself but, luckily she wasn't struggling when I went to grab her, I didn't know how big she was until my hand disappeared in her lower jaw.  What a great fish!   I carefully measured this one, my tape said 22", when I closed the mouth and got a strong 21 1/2!  Can't wait to get back on the water! 
Biggie - sized head.

21 1/2 inches!

On some fish you get a raw thumb, my hand got grazed!

In the foil!

Big belly!

Thick back!

19 1/4 looked small after the monster...

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