Monday, June 18, 2012

I love Minnesota Bass fishing in June!

19 1/4
 I was in the float tube for about 7 hours today!  My wife was out of town, so I took advantage of it.  I went to a familiar lake, and found some cover to toss to.  I actually caught some good ones today, and lost at least one that would have matched the top fish today.  I was tossing a plastic up shallow, and seemed to find pockets of fish. I My top fish today were 21, 19 1/2, 19 1/4, 18 1/4. 18, 18.  I counted twenty fish total, so the quality was definitely there today.  I had to go into the slop and get the big one.  I lost another fish that could have been bigger, she bulled through the weeds to deeper water, changed directions a couple times.  As she was taking a circle around my float tube I saw her and the hook came out.   The 19 1/2 incher actually spun my around in the float tube three times, I thought it was a way bigger fish, and it came out of a spot without any cover.    
19 1/4"

21" chunker

21" Big Head

21" side view

18 "

18 1/4"

19 1/2"

19 1/2

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