Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nice MN bass bag

18 1/2
Okay, this was my first time fishing MN for bass this season and it was worth it!  It was a great outing even though I only caught nine fish, the quality was outstanding.   I started by fishing slow with plastics, and didn't get away from it.  I didn't catch my first fish for awhile, and then I found the right part of the lake and the fish were on.  I wasn't even the first person to the spot I wanted to go, but I managed to catch my biggest Minnesota bass in a spot that always seems to hold fish.  It was a fat, tall 21 and 1/2 inch beast!  I got quite a few shots of it, and honestly, none of them do this fish justice.  I actually thought that it was a northern, because it was staying down.  I hooked him  pretty deep, but the hook came out easily.  The head was enormous.  There were several vacant beds in the area, and I kind of wonder if she had been scared off by the two guys that were there before me.  They were hovering around the spot for quite a while.  I noticed that they drove up behind me while I was taking pictures too.  I lost several other big fish this morning too.  One of them jumped three feet out of the water, and I am guessing it was around 5 lbs!  That would have helped this mornings bag.  So, the biggest five today were 18 1/2, 19 1/4, 21 1/2 (Swamp Donkey), 19, and 18.  I almost didn't take a picture of the 18 after the big one because I didn't think it was that big.  I reluctantly put it on the Fish Cat measuring basket, and to my surprise it was 18 inches.  The fish really didn't bite after 10:00, and there were a lot of boats on the water.  I must say I am still very pleased with the performance of the Quantum Tour paired with Dobyn's  Savvy Series microguide rod.  It casts a long ways!  Tomorrow, I will try and report on another Metro Bass lake.  I hate to say it, 'cause I don't want to jinx it, but I think tomorrow could be even more fruitful!
19 1/4

same fish 19 1/4 belly

21 1/2 incher choked the Powerhawg!
Belly of the Beast!

Huge Head, 21 1/2 my biggest MN bass!

TALL, THICK  21 1/2 incher!

Side view of the big gal!

18 incher

19 incher

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