Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Surprise - River Smallies

 It was a beautiful day to catch smallies on the river.  What a blast! Caught my biggests smallie ever at 21".  I had my cell phone with, so I didn't get the best pictures, but you can see with an 18", two mid 19"'s, and a 21", it was worth it to miss watching a little football this afternoon.  You can see the size of the 21" in the bulging eye photo, and the height of this fish, as I layed it over my waders.  It was a tank.  I thought it was a big catfish at first, until it bolted, and pulled drag.  I probably ended up catching between 15 and 20 smallies.  I know I caught three in three casts at one point.  The water is starting to cool, but I wore the summer waders without any problem.

Fat, Tall, Beast, 21"

Mid 19"

mid 19" again

21" of smallie power!

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