Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nice Cabin Bass

16 3/4,  over 3 lbs
 I enjoyed getting back on the water after having my first child.    I tossed around for musky, and finally couldn't stand not catching them.  So, I grabbed the G'Loomis with the Texas Rig, and started catching bass!    The GL2 pulled these chunker's in nicely.  I did a fair amount of crankbait fishing too with some nice action, and managed to put a topwater frog bass in the boat too.  It was fun to use multiple methods, successfully after being away from the water for so long. Probably not much more than 2 months...   I am very optimistic that these two fish are an indication that the size on the lake could be increasing.  I also saw a dead fish floating this weekend that was probably around 20 inches.   My theory has always been the Musky keep the size down, even though the fish on this lake have always been chunky.  But, lakes go in cycles, and I think the size is on its was up!    Can't wait to start river fishing smallies.    
16 1/2 approaching 3 lbs

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