Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Smallies and Largies

Spinnerbait - Thorne Brothers

So, I was fortunate enough this past weekend to get on some new water, the water temp were warming after the cooler weather, and I did eventually see water in the 60's.  I always seem to fall back into the strategy that worked best the last time I was on the water. Well, the conditions were different this time.  Sun, dirty water, cooler water temps...The plastic bite wasn't the same, and it was too dirty for the swim-bait, I think.  I don't usually share my lures of choice, but in this case I was proud that I found a pattern, and chose a bait that I thought matched the conditions.  I like to use a big blade on a spinner bait in muddy water, because it pushes a lot of water, the reaction bite was more appropriate with the wind, and pre-spawn conditions.  It was hot for a while!  I literally caught 3 fish in three casts once.  They are all chunky pre-spawners not over 16 3/4 inches, but fought hard. I ended up losing both of my spinnerbaits in this color on broken line.  (12 pound mono is not made for swinging 2 + lbers into the boat...I got a little over zealous)  Oh well, I went to Thorne Brothers today and picked up a few more.  The smallies liked it too!!!  I wish I could be on the water this week, as the temps will be calling more fish to move on up.

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