Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Skipping Miracle

The smile says it all!

I got to spend the day giant hunting, and I finally got one that justified the time spent.  The most gratifying part of catching this fish is it came on a perfectly skipped cast.  I have had my share of snags, and backlashes off of skips, but this one just worked out.  I had just switched out my Revo SX because of a bad backlash for my Quantom PT.  I prefer the Revo when doing this type of fishing because I have it paired with my 7' foot heavy Gander Mountain rod for pulling fish out of this cover.  I only had one heavy rod in the boat that day, and I knew I would need it if I had a big one in the cover.    This monster toppled that heavy rod as well as  any river cat or smallie.  I measured it at 20", and I am certain that it would have been at least 5 lb's, and maybe more, but it didn't ever stop shaking long enough for me to get a weight.  I ended up catching 29 bass too, the largest were 17 1/4", 17', 16 3/4", 16 3/4", all of the good ones were pulled out of heavy cover.  I had two break-offs too...using 12 lb flourocarbon and a weightless plastic.

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