Thursday, December 30, 2010

How big was this bass?

The weird thing about fishing, is we tend to catch the biggest fish when we are fishing alone.  This particular bass was caught by one Jeremy Thornton, by himself of course.  So, there is not really a good picture to make any good comparisons to other fish.  The buoy in the background is the larger variety.  This is the only photo of the fish.  I remember hearing this fish was over 22 inches long.  So, is this fish over 6 lbs?  It isn't really very fat, so I really would have a hard time saying, but it is the largest bass caught out of that boat in Minnesota, and there have been a load of 5 plus pounders caught out of it.  Anyone else to want to speculate?


  1. Terrible pick by me. It was back when cell phone cameras weren't as good as they are today. That bumper in the pic is 24 inches long and it's 7 inches wide. I remember thinking the fish was 22.5 inches long and no clue on weight. Its hard to say. The bass looks about at "tall" as the bumper, 7" from top of the back to belly?

    I only wish that I had my hawg trough and digital berkely scale back when I caught this.

  2. This is a tall, hunchback bass. But is it as large as, the Pan-o-Prog tournament monster? Also 22 inches plus...hard to say...