Sunday, November 7, 2010

WI River - Walleye, Musky, and Northern with a lamprey attached...

No bass!  That's right none!  Okay it was fun to get into some great eater walleye's this weekend, but the catch of the weekend is the fish I don't have a picture of...this fish was about 35 inches, and missing over two inches of tail.  Seriously, The tail looked a lot like the tail of a bass after brushing off the bottom preparing for the spawn.  It was a bloody nub.  So, I figure the fish was in the middle teens weight wise.  Landing a musky in your waders is no easy task.  Luckily the hook was lodged in his lip, and he didn't break my line, but he took a couple of great runs.  I have pretty big hands and I couldn't get my hands across the back of this beast. So, I sadly secured him up by the gill.  I thought about running to the car to get my phone, to get a pic, but I didn't want to risk the fish's health, or a fine, being that this is a catch and release area.  The weirdest part of fishing this weekend though, I caught a northern with about an eight inch lamprey attached to it!  Freaky!

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