Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smallmouth feeding on crayfish!

17 1/2
17 1/2, 2.79 lb, crayfish sticking out of stomoach!
I caught 5 smallies over 17 inches, but I had one that had to be 19 inches get off.  I have been using braided line, and a medium heavy rod, because these fish fight like mad!  I screwed up by not playing the fish more, and thinking that I could just handle another one with my heavy gear.  When I had it close enough to land, it took off between my legs and dislodged the hook.  Strange thing is, I have had the same thing happen before.  

There is a bleeding gash on the lower jaw with a crayfish pincher lodged next to it. Hungry for crustaceans?

Another lean one just over 17

17 inch fatty, 2.68 lb

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