Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lake Marion Conspiracy

I really am not a complainer, but this was clearly the big bass of the Lake Marion Pole-Benders 2009 tournament.  This fish was recorded as a 4.5 pound fish, but it was over 22 inches, and has an enormous head.  Clearly foul play was involved...  This fish is at least six pounds, should have been a nice pay-out for Team Patience.  Too bad we didn't make it to this years tournament.


  1. That is one fine looking bass. How it weighed in short is beyond me. But it was still a fun tournament and a great experience regardless. Hopefully we have the chance to fish in the Pan-o-prog tournament again in the future now that Gopher Bass is in charge.

  2. If I had a 22inch fish that I was sure was 5 and a half plus and the scale claimed it was only 4.5, I think I would ask for it to be re-weighed and re-weighed again until it got into the ballpark of what I'd figure was the true weight. No way a legit 22inch fish weighs only 4.5 unless it's totally emaciated.

  3. No doubt this was a great experience, looking back I probably would have been a little more boisterous. I think I felt a little intimidated by all of the nice bass boats around us, and quality anglers involved. I was glad to be weighing in, and just as excited to see what everyone else would weigh in.